Dear friends,

The outlook for the Fly-in Cinema Texel is not so very good. COVID-19 is still making life very difficult. The council of Texel approved the fly-in, but we are still in a kind of lock-down and the national rules are leading. That means that events in The Netherlands, by Dutch law, are not approved. That is why we sadly have to announce that the Fly-in Cinema Texel will be postponed to 2022. The exact date for the next Fly-in Cinema Texel will be scheduled soon.

Nevertheless you are most welcome in that weekend anyway and enjoy Texel. We can offer you for the weekend of 8-9 May special rates for landing fees and bikes, but camping under the wing is not allowed. Nevertheless camping sites at the island are open.

Happy landings and hope to see you soon.

Team Texel Airport

Texel Airport and Outdoor Cinema will organize the FLY-IN CINEMA TEXEL 2021 on Saturday the 8th of May 2021. In the evening you can watch on a big screen "Midway" directed by Roland Emmerich out of your plane! All aircraft and their crew are most welcome to join this unique event.


Saturday 8 May Fly to Texel, explore the island or have a look at the many other visitors. In the evening dinner (Hamburgers and fries, included one drink) � 12,50 per person at the airport.

Fly-in Cinema Around 22.00 hrs it's finally time for the Fly-in Cinema! On a big screen at the airport you can watch the movie "Midway"out of your plane! Not a drive-in, but a fly-in!!

Sunday 9 May Breakfast at the airport and flying back home or... stay for another week!

Costs (You can pay upon arrival)

  • The entry fee for the fly-in is � 25,00 per aircraft. This includes one landing and a maximum of two night stops.

  • The entry fee for the movie is � 10 per person

  • Camping under the wing is � 10 per aircraft per night.

Accommodation During the weekend camping at the airport 'under the wing' is allowed. If you prefer a hotel, go on our website to Links or check Close by are De Vlijt and Hotel Texel.



Pilot information 2019, click here.

All aircraft are most welcome in the CINEMA weekend! No slots, just come!

If you just come for a daytrip, please inform us. We prefer to know which aircraft are coming.

During the weekend, the weekendprocedures are active > WEEKEND PROCEDURES.

For a overflight permit >

For more information about Transponders, ELT's, etc contact us > MAIL.


Register: You can register by sending an email to with the following details:

FLY-IN CINEMA TEXEL 2021 � Registration Form

Day of Arrival at Texel Airport

Saturday or Sunday

Day of planned Departure from Texel

Saturday or Sunday

Aircraft Registration


Type of Aircraft & Model


Departure Airport (ICAO/Name)


Name of Pilot in Command


Total number of persons on board


Accommodation: Hotel / Camping


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