Texel Airport organized the 7th Texel Taildragger & Old Timer Fly-in: Piper Cub Call on Saturday 25 May 2013. In the evening the pilots could watch on a big screen the movie "Those magnificient men in their flying machines" out of their plane!, but... the weather was not good enough. There was too much wind for the big screen (14 x 9 meter) and is was raining. Together with a chill temperature of 4 degrees it was obvoius that we had to cancell the Fly-in Cinema.

We hope to have a Fly-in Cinema somewhere later this year when the weather forecast is better. Texel Airport and Outdoor Cinema keep you informed about the unique event.
List of participants



Nr. Reg. Type Pilot From POB Arr Dep
1 D-EFCN Piper PA-18-95 R. Bredtmann EDWS 2 Fr Sa
2 D-EMAD Piper PA-18-95 G. Waldeck EDWS 1 Fr Sa
3 G-BAFT Piper PA-18-150 H. Aarts EHMZ 2 Sa Su
4 N42248 Piper J3C-85 Clipped Wing H. Fidder EHHO 2 Su Su
5 PH-APA Piper PA-18-135 R. van Hemert EHEH 2 Sa Su
6 PH-GBA Piper PA-18-150 J. de Ruiter EHHV 2 Su Su
7 PH-TOP Piper PA-18-150 P.R. van der Werf EHOW 2 Sa Su
8 PH-UCS Piper J3C-65 J.H.A.M. Beerens EHMZ 1 Fr Su
9 PH-ZCT Piper PA-18-135 R. Aarts EHEH 2 Sa Su
10 D-EAEB Piper PA-18-90 G. Schippers Cancelled, weather
11 D-EHCB Piper PA-18-95 J. van Egmond Cancelled, weather
12 D-ENLH Piper PA-18-90 R. Wittorf Cancelled, weather
13 D-ENLK Piper PA-18-95 W. Barczak Cancelled, weather
14 N29EG Piper J3C-65 / L4H G. Grotenhuis Cancelled, weather
15 N298SQ Piper PA-18-95 / L-18C H. van Haarlem Cancelled, weather
16 N5360H Piper PA-16 Clipper E. van Kalshoven Cancelled, weather
17 OY-EFA Piper PA-19 (L-18C/C908f) T. Schou Cancelled, weather
18 PH-ENJ Piper PA-18-135 J. Verwoerd en E. Elbertsen Cancelled, weather
19 PH-NDA Piper PA-12 A. Schreiner Cancelled, weather
20 PH-VCY Piper PA-18-135 R. den Hartog Cancelled, weather
21 PH-WDR Piper PA-18-135 L. van der Goot Cancelled, weather



Nr. Reg. Type Pilot From POB Arr Dep
1 N295BS Beech D17S E. Boshoff EHEH 2 Sa Su
2 OY-EFI Auster Mk V (TW 477) V.H. Seemann EKRS 2 Fr Sa
3 OY-MIN Minican GY-201 B. Christensen EKHE 2 Fr Mo
4 PH-ANR Rans S-6S R.W. Turk EHLE 1 Fr Fr
5 PH-BLW Bolkow BO 207 R.J.M. van Diemen EHLE 2 Fr Su
6 D-ECCI Klemm KL.35D - Cancelled, weather
7 D-ECOY Paiggio FWP.149D T. Treptow Cancelled, weather
8 D-ELWO Piper PA-28-180 J. Kopischke Cancelled, weather
9 G-BSME Bolkow BO 208C Junior D. Hampson Cancelled, weather
10 G-CEEJ Rans S7S J. Lister Cancelled, weather
11 N1943S Stinson AT-19 Reliant R. Sijben Cancelled, weather
12 N57797 Stinson L-5 M. van Hulzen Cancelled, weather
13 N87VK Piper PA-22-108 Colt P.H. Burgstaller Cancelled, weather
14 N9912H Boeing Stearman N2S-3 H. Nordsiek Cancelled, weather
15 N99280 Ercoupe 415-C P. Terluin Cancelled, weather
16 PH-TDT BJ Spickes Cassutt 3M R. S�n�chal Cancelled, weather
17 PH-WBR Cessna 175C F. Smit Cancelled, aircraft u/s



Nr. Reg. Type Pilot From POB Arr Dep
1 PH-ACX Diamond-C DA20-A1 M. Vlastuin EHHV


Fr Sa
2 PH-VSX Piper PA-28-181 J. de Meijer EHLE


Sa Su
3 OO-ROB Rockwell 690B B. Velleman Cancelled, aircraft u/s
4 PH-KBA Cessna 172P A. Middelkoop Cancelled, weather
5 PH-KLQ Aquila AT01  E. Nossin Cancelled, weather
6 PH-LCN Ultravia Pelican PL K.J. Hollebeek Cancelled, weather
7 PH-NEW CzechSport PS-28 Cruiser A. Harte Cancelled, weather
8 PH-PME SOCATA-GA TB 10 F. Hagenaars Cancelled, weather


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